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Environment Variables

All intended configuration is handled via environment variables, which should be placed in .env. You can create an .env file from our template with the following command:

Terminal window
awk -v secret_key="$(openssl rand -hex 16)" '/^SECRET_KEY=/{print $0 secret_key;next}1' .env.template > .env

For the rest of the variables, please refer to the descriptions in the newly created .env file.


Once you have set all the environment variables correctly, you can deploy the stack with the following command:

Terminal window
docker compose up

Custom Proxy

It is straightforward disable the automatic HTTP on Caddy and use a custom proxy on your host machine. First, in your .env file set SITE_ADDRESS as follows:


Next, you will need to adjust the default port mapping. We recommend doing so in a new file, which we have added to .gitignore to avoid merge conflict in the event of upstream changes.

Terminal window
cat docker-compose.yaml >
image: caddy:2.7-alpine
restart: unless-stopped
- "80:80"
- "443:443"
- "5500:80"
Terminal window
docker compose -f up