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Administering Instruments

Instruments may be completed by users themselves. Users may also delegate an instrument to a subject for the subject to complete the instrument themselves. The mechanism by which this feature will be implemented is yet to be determined.

Selecting an Instrument

When a user accesses the platform through the web client, they are presented with a list of instruments, with a brief description of each. The exact instruments presented to the user depends on the clinic the user is associated with, as described in the authentication section.

Completing an Instrument

Step 1: Review Details

First, the user is asked to review the details of the instrument. This may also include a consent form, or any licensing requirements.

Step 2: Enter Demographic Information

Next, the user is required to enter the demographics information for the subject in question. This data is used to compute the subject’s unique ID, and link the record to this individual in the database. If there is an active subject, this is filled in automatically.

Step 3: Complete the Instrument

Finally, the user completes the instrument. The exact procedure for this depends on the kind of instrument being completed.