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Welcome to the Open Data Capture documentation! 🎉📚

Our documentation is structured into five distinct sections, each designed to cater to different informational needs about Open Data Capture.


The introduction provides a high-level description of the platform, including its origins, the team behind its creation, our motivations for developing this resource, and an outline of the project’s scope.


The tutorials section is designed for hands-on learning, providing step-by-step instructions to help you get started with Open Data Capture and to assist in accomplishing specific tasks or projects.


The guides section is a collection of concise and topic-specific articles. These guides are ideal for users looking for quick, actionable information on particular aspects of Open Data Capture, like performing certain tasks.


In the concepts section, we delve into explanations and discussions about the underlying principles and ideas behind Open Data Capture. This section is intended for technical users who seeking a deeper understanding of the technology, architecture, and design decisions underlying the platform.


The reference section serves as a comprehensive resource, providing detailed descriptions of the platform’s features, functions, APIs, and configuration options. This section is a valuable tool for developers and users who need detailed technical information and specifications.