Open Data Capture

The Ultimate Data Capture Solution for Clinical Researchers

Open Data Capture is an open-source web platform for easily administering questionnaires and interactive tasks, whether remotely or in person.

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Precision in Anonymity

Hash-Based Patient Identification

Using state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms, we compute patient identifiers based on core demographic characteristics. This innovative approach ensures zero personal data retention while enabling consistent cross-visit association.

Excel at Data Management, Spreadsheets Not Required

Effortless Data Management

When you're prepared to export, choose between CSV or TSV formats. With Open Data Capture, you're guaranteed access to the most recent version of your data. Move beyond scattered spreadsheets and embrace centralized, secure data storage.

What People Say About Us

Simon Ducharme
The Centre for Precision Psychiatry Biobank requires reliable data capture across several clinical environments. Open Data Capture will allow us to rapidly deploy our project at the Douglas Institute in a modern and efficient fashion.
Simon Ducharme, MD

Scientific Director, Centre for Precision Psychiatry, MUHC

Massimiliano Orri
I have two roles in my work: researcher and clinician; after trying the Open Data Capture demo, I quickly realized that this is a much-needed innovation for both aspects of my work. It will enable better follow up and evaluation of my patients through measurement-based and evidence-based care, while also accumulating essential data critical for better understanding patient trajectories from a research perspective.
Massimiliano Orri, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Douglas Institute

Maxime Montembeault
Open Data Capture is an ideal resource for my studies in the field of neuropsychology. The Douglas Neuroinformatics team is efficient, creative and responsive to my data collection needs and beyond!
Maxime Montembeault, PhD

Neuropsychologist, Douglas Institute